Super Bowl Party Activities for Kids

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The whole family typically gets in on the action of the yearly Super Bowl Party. The kids, however, sometimes get a little left out of the fun. Younger children in particular aren’t going to be interested in watching the Super Bowl game, and while they’ll enjoy the food, it would be nice to have some activities just for the kids. Here are some easy ideas for fun Super Bowl party activities for kids.

Paper Football. Just about everyone has folded and played with a paper football at sometime, but younger kids may have never folded a paper football. Just have colored paper ready to go for your kids to create the paper footballs. If you need directions yourself on how to fold a paper football, check out this video: How to Make a Paper Football. Choose paper colors that go along with your favorite team. Once the paper footballs are folded, teach the kids how to use their fingers as goal posts and get them started on their own fun football games. This Super Bowl party activity for kids is sure to be a hit.

Guess the Chip. No Super Bowl party is complete without plenty of crunchy, salty chips. Take advantage of the bounty and have a chip guessing game. This Super Bowl party activity for kids is fun for everyone involved. Just blindfold the children one by one and have them taste four or five different types of chips. They then have to guess which chips they tasted. You can go easy on very young children by just having Doritos versus plain Ruffles, but challenge the older children with choosing between similar chip flavors. Everyone will have a blast with this Super Bbowl party activity for kids.

Team Face Painting. A great way to kick off a Super Bowl party with fun for the kids is to have some face painting. Paint footballs, team colors and logos, or whatever the kids like best on their little faces. The kids attending your Super Bowl party will love being a part of this great Super Bowl party activity.

Super Bowl Coloring Sheets. Why not take a little time to print out some great Super Bowl related coloring sheets for your Super Bowl party? The youngest children will love getting to color, especially something that’s really different. Some great sites for finding free printable Super Bowl coloring pages are Here and Here.

You can get creative this Super Bowl with some fun activities just for the kids. Don’t let your kids be bored while you’re having a great time. Add these fun Super Bowl party activities for kids to your Super Bowl party and everyone is sure to have a fantastic time.