Top 10 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally

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Depression is often associated with symptoms of feeling sad, feeling down, withdrawn, tiredness, pain, ache, and sometimes insomnia. If you are currently taking medication, and want to fight depression naturally, here is a list of 10 natural ways you can try.

Positive Thinking

Change the way you think! Depression usually accompanies the habit of negative thoughts. Find inspiring quotes or books to read, while train yourself to recognize your own qualities and skills. Form a habit of positive thinking to focus on your accomplishments, and talents.

Eat Healthy Foods

Seek out foods that are healthy and helpful in producing serotonin, a chemical that promotes the feelings of happiness. Foods that are high in omega-3s believed to lift your mood, and encourage your brain to release serotonin.

Exercise Regularly

Activity like walking, bicycling, skating, or jogging is a good start to get back into shape. When you are depressed, even a simple activity can help elevate your mood. Do something to pump up your heart rate, and circulate your blood flow regularly.

Support System

Close friends and family can serve as your support system. Once they know your battle with depression, they can give you that little boost to get out and get involved in social setting. Having good friends and family allow you to be yourself, and encourage your spirit.

Take Care of Yourself

Often depression leads to the feelings of worthless, self-doubt, and insecure. By taking care of yourself such as put on make-up, having a bubble bath, get dressed-up, and make yourself presentable will lift your mood.


Volunteer is a very power way to fight off depression. When you volunteer to serve a simple sandwich to the homeless, you will re-install the feeling of pride, and appreciated. When you volunteer to help a cancer patient, your perspective will change, and you will see your problems almost non-existed.

Keeping a Journal

Keeping a record of what triggers your moods can help identify why you are upset, or withdrawn. The act of writing it down, how you feel, the way you feel, gives a sense of freedom. It can release tensions, and you will be more aware of your own feelings.

Do Something Creative

Let your creative side comes out. Pick up your guitar or any instrument that you like and play it. Drawing, painting, and gardening, are wonderful ways to fight back depression.

If you love writing articles or content then you can create your own blog or do freelancing for others and use your skill for overcoming depression.

Writing a long content can engage you in that work and relief your tension. If you are wondering how to write a 2000 word essay in one night then there are many other sites which can help you doing this.

Get a Dose of Sunlight

Exposure to the morning sunlight helps produce and release serotonin. Many people suffer seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter due to the lack of sunlight. Remember to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from ultraviolet light.


Learn a few techniques to focus your thoughts. Meditation can bring inner peace, and happiness. It takes constant practices to calm your mind, and blocking out the voice of critics inside.

Give these natural ways a try to beat depression. Surround yourself with positive thoughts, people, books, and do one activity that you love every day.